2016: Global Top 12 Pharma and Biotech companies by Revenue in 2015


Top 12 Pharma and Biotech Companies in the World in 2016

Top 12 Pharma and Biotech Companies in the World in 2016

The global Pharmaceutical market has reached an incredible milestone of global sales revenue in 2015 of almost €1.2 trillion, with strong forecasts to increase to €1.6 trillion by 2018.
Only the 12 largest companies in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology landscape achieved €325 billion of revenue only from the Pharmaceutical Divisions (e.g. J&J Business Units divisions are: Pharma, Consumer and Medical Devices), reflecting already a market share of 31.8%.
The Pharma&BioTech market globally shows high levels of consolidation and maturity, where in the last year the activities around M&A were intense and the concentration in terms of market share was quite expressive.
Looking at the primary location of half of the top 12 Pharma&Biotech companies present in this ranking , United States have a strong representation of 6 companies, followed by different European countries (Switzerland [2], U.K. [2] and then France [1] and Germany [1]).
Another strong indicator is the R&D investment increasing values from almost all the top 12 companies in this industry, where in an average the companies spend one-fourth of all the sales revenue in Research and development and almost one-third in marketing their products.
As a strong sign of all the market dynamics and looking at a tiny niche market, for 2015, IMS was forecasting the industry spending on biosimilars to reach $2 billion annually, or almost 1% of total global spending on biologics, showing clearly that the industry is already preparing the future in a very dynamics way, where in another mature part of the market and still according to IMS, the increase of the spending on biosimilars will increase by $311 million and compared with 2010 levels.
In 2015, the Pharmaceutical and BioTechnology (Pharma&BioTech) market worldwide was open to increasing pressures from the regulators and constantly under the economic and compliance spotlight from different stakeholders for all operating regions.
Expressive can also be the Pharma&BioTech landscape for the next 5 years, where trends like product innovation, clinical excellence, Pharmacoeconomics, patient centricity and commercial excellence will continue to growth along with economic stability and new business models adapting to more complex and regulated scenarios, where Tax inversions moves or M&A activities might continue to be on the top agendas.
The industry continuous ability to resist, antagonize and survive in a very agile way to all pressure resulted from the increasing costs, specialized demand, R&D complexity, scientific and clinical focus, regulation and economic pressure is closely tied to the capability to strength and continue to overcome all barriers resulted from new and more challenging economic, demographic and geographic drivers that strongly affects the Pharma&BioTech sector.
Notably in 2015, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was able to effectively support the Pharma&BioTech growth, providing 93 positive opinions, where 39 of them were for new active substances or NMEs (New Molecular Entities). Also remarkable was the high recommendation of new 18 rare or “orphan” drugs for approval, exceeding the 2014 record of 17 orphan drugs approval.

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