What trends are reshaping the pharma Landscape in 2016?

Not only the patients or physicians are increasing the mobile and digital usage on their needs, we are also understanding that more than ever the Health Authorities, regulatory agencies and payers are requesting more digital services and using more digital products through online and mobile usage to address traditional and new requirements. Combined with this growing usage and demanding, pharma companies have amazing opportunities to provide content and information essential to obtain products approvals, increase the success rates for reimbursement and drive more awareness around products efficacy, safety and clinical trials results.


Indeed, the industry need to start competing in a value chain with different players, having the ultimate ability to be more collaborative with a new and more powerful commercial end-to-end value to drive efficiency to old customers, productivity to yet unreachable customers and agility to enter into new markets.

Therefore the Multichannel Marketing paradigm relies in the technology progress with the new anger from sales to drive better results and obtain a more efficient return on invent than before, having the ability to combine efforts from multiple and different company departments and reaching results from several audiences.

Understanding Centricity in Life Sciences

Understanding Centricity in Life Sciences

All the parts should work together as all can impact the same customer in different ways with different impacts. Thinking in customer value and centricity should represent in same outcomes, inputs and strategies from all involved parts. If there is one disconnected part of the same machine, the wheels won’t work separately and one part can’t drive all the others to the same result.

Multichannel Marketing should be always consider as an unified view of the same customer and same product with the other impacting systems and technology solutions and not a single and more capable strategy that a traditional and single commercial model is. In Multichannel Marketing essence we should have a Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, Master Data Management, Customer Relationship, Compliance, Regulatory and Business Intelligence perspective and unified vision. The outcome for all the mentioned approaches is exactly the same: customer.

The current commercial and marketing business models cannot be addressed only adopting basic and general rules, like reducing the sales force sizing or acquiring competitor companies drugs licenses or simple mergers and acquisitions operations.

The complexity to face today’s market are more complex and tends to request more effective medical services from companies. The buying and selling of medicine services or products are no longer only based on safety and efficacy data. Increasingly, researches, investors, regulators, payers, providers, patients and HCPs are looking for new innovative services and products like:

  • Telemedicine services: currently telemedicine is already allowing to remote areas and regions in poor countries to have access to medicine and facilitating access in a time manner to several groups of patients;
  • Home medicine services delivery;
  • New ways and methods of engagement between physicians and patients in a more 2-way communication;
  • After first Primary Care appointment, future appointments tends to be via internet Self Medication programs for specific non-risk patients with medical control through mobile apps and telemedicine control;
  • 3D compound printing for custom-making drugs for individual patients for correct dosage instead of “one size fits all dosage”, facilitating access globally to health;

In 5 years’ time, the self-care from informed and knowledgeable patients will be a strong reality, where mobile apps and web-services along with digital offering will allow confident solutions to patients that simply needs another type of medicine services, mixing more information into the prescription model.

The major trends that will reshape the pharma marketplace in a dramatically way are:

  • Increasing influential power from Healthcare KOLs, health decision makers and payers to what doctors prescribes.
  • Treatments protocols adopted by all hospitals regional and area groups, promoting more generics adoptions for costs-efficiency. Pharma needs to have more cooperation with payers and services providers, having the focus for customer compliance.
  • Healthcare payers are increasingly measuring the pharma economics impacts and performance of different medicines and treatment prescription drugs.
  • Governments already focusing more on prevention rather than treatments.
  • E-prescribing – reducing errors, frauds, allow healthcare payers to influence the prescribing decision, providing clinical and financial information at the very point at which they are choosing what are the products that should be prescribe.
  • Comply with the formulary requirements and granting product safety, cost-efficiency and without side effects with major impacts.
  • Big data for diseases trends analysis, patient’s behaviors patterns, clinical data and reports available for patients, treatments associated data.
  • More power will come from the patients. Patients will start to help the physicians in all the diagnostics process through better and vast knowledge, becoming more important in all the prescribing process with increasing influence.
  • Large-scale negotiations with large groups of healthcare payers and patients associations for more educational programs for patients.
  • There will exist a more profound difference on the product and brand. Brand will be not only the physical product but a combined set of attributes and associations to patients and behaviors. The pharma brands will enter in a more visible path, where the patients will start to recognize the brand equity and awareness based on the company digital and online presence.
  • Medical educational literature and physicians training programs will become online and mobile, where the access will be scalable and reachable in the entire globe.

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