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What trends are reshaping the pharma Landscape in 2016?

Not only the patients or physicians are increasing the mobile and digital usage on their needs, we are also understanding that more than ever the Health Authorities, regulatory agencies and payers are requesting more digital services and using more digital products through online and mobile usage to address traditional and new requirements. Combined with this growing usage and demanding, pharma companies have amazing opportunities to provide content and information essential to obtain products approvals, increase the success rates for reimbursement and drive more awareness around products efficacy, safety and clinical trials results.

Understanding Centricity Antonio Pesqueira

Essential components of a Multichannel and Digital strategic planning in Pharma: Content and Integration are key (Part V)

Some of the biggest challenges in Multichannel Marketing (MCM) programs, have to do with the delivered content itself and how the responsible departments plans the master data design models to support the entire program and how systems, data and platforms integration are architected to deliver results and sustainable outcomes.